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Surgery FAQs

Frequently Asked Surgery Questions

Where will my preoperative and postoperative appointments take place?

Both will take place at the TPEP office.

What kind of anesthesia is used?
For children, general anesthesia is used. The child will be completely asleep. For adults, general anesthesia is preferred, but an eye block can be utilized in certain situations.

What kind of clothing should I/my child wear on the day of surgery?
Comfortable clothing like pajamas for kids and work out clothes for adults.

What time is the surgery?
The facility or anesthesiologist will call you the day before and let you know what time to be there.


Does my child/I need to fast for surgery?
Yes. No food or drink after midnight the night before surgery unless otherwise specified by the hospital or anesthesiologist. 


Can I take my medicines before surgery?
Blood thinners like aspirin and Coumadin stop a minimum of one week before surgery. Other medications may be taken with a sip of water the morning of surgery at the direction of the anesthesiologist. Ask this question when they contact you about your surgery the day before.


What does my insurance cover?
The information about your surgical procedure and the location of the surgery are provided by our surgical coordinator along with an explanation of your benefits and financial responsibility. The hospital will contact you separately about their charges.


Do you have payment plans?
Payment is due at your preoperative appointment unless other arrangements are made with our billing office ahead of time.


How long do I need to be off work OR how long does my child need to stay home from school?
1-3 days is usually sufficient.

When can I/my child fly?
Within one to two days.

How long do I/my child have to wait after surgery to go swimming?
1 week for pool water and 2 weeks for pond, lake or ocean water

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